Why use Etacts

It's impossible to remember to stay in touch with all the people that matter. Etacts helps you maintain your relationships by doing three things:
1) Showing you who you've lost touch with
2) Letting you set reminders to stay in touch with people
3) Helping you get back in touch meaningfully by giving you relevant context about your relationship with people, such as the last emails you exchanged, or their recent status updates.

Use Etacts to build and maintain relationships with former friends, business partners, clients, and more!

How it works

After you grant permission to the Etacts application to access your email account, we fetch your email headers. They consist of your email subject lines, to and from addresses, and time of emails. We never store the contents of your email bodies or attachments. This data is never shared with anyone else, and is used solely for your benefit by figuring out who you talked to, and when.

When you set a reminder on someone, Etacts automatically watches to see if you don't email them for a specified length of time. At that point, we'll send you an email reminding you to get back in touch with them. We'll also jog your memory of the last time you talked with them by showing you the most recent email subject lines you exchanged.

Who we are

We're a team of entrepreneurs dedicated to making products that improve people's lives.

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Our investors include:

Founder of Youtube
CTO of Netscape
Founder of Delicious
Founder of CheetahMail
Founder of Powerset
Ron Conway
Y Combinator

Our office is at 185 Berry St, San Francisco, CA.

Please feel free to email us with questions and feedback at [email protected]. For press inquiries, email [email protected]